Thursday, September 22, 2011

Materials for Thursday, Sept 29

Next week we will be looking at issues of social class and how they relate to Gender and Society. Your reading is all online for this week.

Spend an hour exploring the website for

People Like Us


The Center for Working Class Studies.

I think you will enjoy the resources that you find there.
Then, blog about them. You blog can describe what you found and name some interesting issues that you notice. But I also want you to take at least one paragraph to answer the question: Why/how is economic inequity a feminist issue?


  1. hello professor hopefully I won't have any more problems posting. Yemi help me.

  2. You should really check out the Occupy Wall Street movement.... very interesting stuff. Many similarities to the treatment of protesters in the Feminist movement protestors and an important topic very much related to issues of class in the United States. Just to let you know, there are multiple videos in this ABC link. Also, the Occupy Wall Street movement has its own web site to which I believe I have a link to on one of my earlier posts.